Strategic consulting
We assist in making informed management decisions in the face of uncertainty

Our experts design development strategies for organizations engaged in foreign economic activity. This we do based on scenario planning methods. We take into account as many factors as possible, as well as the likelihood of occurrence of certain political and corporate events.
The strategy includes a growth forecast in a certain time perspective and a series of sequential activities aimed at achieving your goals and objectives.
We design effective business development strategies with consideration to your individual needs, thereby helping to achieve maximum results.
Country and political risks
We analyse the stability of the internal political and economic situation of countries and regions

Assessment of political risks is one of the major factors that would decide on whether you should enter a particular foreign market or not. Analysis of such risks is especially important in countries with developing economies, unstable legislation, lack of business traditions and culture.

  • The risk involved in nationalization and expropriation of business assets;
  • Conversion (transfer) risk caused by the fact that the local currency can't be converted into another nation's currency where the country's debt is denominated;
  • The risk of termination of contractual obligations due to actions taken by authorities of the country where the counterparty is based;
  • Risk of military actions, terrorist acts and civil unrest.
Our experts comprehensively analyse political risks in countries and regions of interest. This enables us to make informed management decisions for you and increases the likelihood of you having a successful and long-term business in foreign markets.
Foreign market entry strategies
We develop go-to-market strategies with consideration to potential risks and opportunities

Our experts will advise and help you develop an optimal strategy for entering foreign markets. The choice of a particular strategy depends on many factors, including export potential, political situation in the country, cash and time costs, risk level, extent of control over the process, etc.

With our deep understanding of the various options for conducting international business, together with the professional competence of our team of experts, we are able to come up with an effective market entry strategy.
Verification of foreign counterparties
We conduct expert assessment of the business situation of your partners, and also analyse associated financial and image risks

Being in a contractual agreement with a foreign organization always comes with potential risks. Verification of a foreign counterparty helps protect business owners and managers from entering a deal with an unscrupulous or unreliable partner. For example, information obtained from analysis of media publicity of the activities of a counterparty might be very important.

Our experts collect and analyse information on foreign counterparties from open sources in compliance with international law and ethical standards.
Competitive intelligence
We collect and process data from open sources with the aim of developing management solutions and improving business competitiveness

Armed with reliable information about your customers, business partners, competitors and suppliers, we are able to develop the necessary management solutions for you and boost the competitiveness of your business.

One of our key tasks is to provide a commercial organization with reliable information about the external business environment. With such information, your business can gain significant competitive advantages, reduce the risks of financial losses and open up new favourable opportunities for business development.